If you like your agent – keep them. If you are happy – we are happy.
If you like your agent, but think they are in over their head – call us – we can manage the process for a fee or co-broke with them.

If you don’t like your agent, make us your agent – you won’t regret it.
We do not quote blind. And we do not “go out to bid”. Let me explain. If you do not tell us what your terms and current premium is we could end up wasting our time and underwriter’s time when, in fact, you have a great deal already. We’ll be the first to tell you, “Wow that’s great – stay with it and your current agent”.

I dislike the term “bid” because a bid unlike a quote is based on a fixed set of criteria. You “bid” on a contract to supply #2 pencils to the federal government. They are a commodity. Insurance “quotes” are coverage options with various terms, conditions, and pricing. The policy wording is very important and can make a world of difference. Quotes don’t always provide you with what you necessarily ask for either and each contain their own subtle nuances.

We are a concierge service provider – you call we answer. Our clients get hands-on senior level advice and service. Your account does not get handed down to the new kid on the team that doesn’t even shave yet.

Transparency is also what we give and what we ask for in return. We will share with you everything about your placement including our compensation. All we ask is the same in return. No games. Tell us what you have so we both know if we are wasting our time or if there is a real opportunity to having a relationship and doing business together.