Thank you for visiting my website. I tried to be as informative and personal as possible. There are thousands of insurance websites, and they all look and read the same to me. We do this… we do that… we are the biggest… we are the best…

I simply wanted to put a personal touch on this website based on my years of experience, successes, and failures. I hope you find it refreshing, honest and informative. Some of the language is a bit informal but from the heart, mixed with a little humor.

Click here to view my resume if you want to see what I have been up to the past 35 years.


Jim Cincotta


Jim Cincotta

Jim is a veteran of more than 35 years in the insurance and reinsurance industries. With experience in all facets of the business – including underwriting, brokering and strategic consulting – he has developed significant relationships and deep expertise.
A graduate of Northeastern University, Mr. Cincotta started his insurance career in 1988 as a claim representative for Aetna. This strong foundation provided him the opportunity to move to New York in order to join Transatlantic Reinsurance Company where he first worked in the finite reinsurance unit.
From there, Mr. Cincotta played an integral role in the expansion of the special risk unit, where he first became immersed in the world of Excess & Surplus lines –where many large multi-family insurance schedules are placed.
Hard work and perseverance created ever-better career opportunities. Mr. Cincotta moved up within the industry, holding senior level positions at many of the industry’s top tier organizations – EW Blanch, BMS and Converium Reinsurance among them. In 1997 he was first bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and co-founded Professional Risk Intermediaries (PRI), a subsidiary of ARC Excess & Surplus Lines Brokers in New York. As a partner in PRI, he and his company brokered reinsurance placements for many of the world’s largest insurance companies. His specialty then, as it remains today, was grounded in finding support for difficult, hard-to-place niches. After successfully building his company to an attractive level of critical mass, Jim sold it to Towers Perrin. The proceeds of the sale provided for a number of real estate ventures which then occupied the majority of his time.
In 2006, the desire to build another niche brokerage platform led to the formation of The Cincotta Group. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Cincotta was joined by Jed Morash, another veteran and friend with like-minded goals and philosophy, and Commercial Risk was born. Jim left Commercial Risk Solutions Insurance Agency in the capable hands of Jed Morash in 2020 and formed James Cincotta & Associates to provide an array of risk services on an unbundled basis.