The process and how we work.

It’s important to go out to the market in an orderly and consistent fashion. There is no bigger turn-off to an underwriter than seeing the same submission from three different agents all with slightly different information.

Most wholesaler brokers will send submissions out automatically 120 days prior to the renewal date to protect their accounts and “block” other agents/wholesalers from approaching their markets.

Now a series of BOR’s are requested or ignored and we have a lot of wasted time and confusion.

We use several major wholesalers in the E&S market and figure out market assignments based on strength of relationship with each market. Our wholesalers, then with direction from us, obtain the best possible market terms in a clean and orderly fashion.

If we think your risk can be quoted by the admitted market, we partner with a variety of captive and independent agents to cover the entire market place – admitted, excess & surplus, and risk purchasing group programs.

The markets receive consistent submissions with loss experience summarized for the underwriters and with any anomalies explained.

Certificates are issued within 24-48 hours and billing, including allocation if necessary, is provided within five working days of binding documents being compliant.